What is the purpose of life coaching?

As we go through life, we face many challenges, fears, defeat and disappointment along the way. These difficulties can often lead us of the right track and result in uncompleted goals and unfulfilled desires.

Getting caught up in these problems can certainly put us down, which can lead to indecision and self-doubt.

When the decisions we make are ineffective, then the results we obtain are worthless, and life becomes somewhat of a struggle — lived through a state of desperation.

Life coaching is a self-improvement service designed to help us get out of a state of desperation and into a stat of inspiration.

When we live in a state of inspiration, every decision we make and action we take supports our greater good and helps us reach our full potential.

What is coaching?

Coaching is designed to bring changes in our behaviours. All of us have particular behaviours that are defined by our habits. There are good habits and not so good habits. The not so good habits are the ones that are no longer effective in helping you to get what you want or in helping achieving your goals. You have to have a vision on where you want to go because without that you do not know what behaviour you have to change and at what degree they need to be changed.

Life coaching will, for instance, help you to:

  • Develop new skills
  • Overcome weaknesses
  • Expand your comfort zone
  • Improve your thinking
  • Identify talents and strengths
  • Increase your performance
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs
  • Clarify your goals and priorities
  • Develop empowering habits and rituals
  • Improve your ability to learn from mistakes and failure

In one word, life coaching is designed to help provide you the support and guidance you need to excel in any area of your life.

Why use a life coach?

Who doesn’t want to be a winner in the game of life? Unfortunately, winning isn’t easy, especially when you’re on your own.

If you look behind the success of your favorite athletes, beloved artists, and most admired business professionals, you’ll find they all have something in common: Someone, at some time, helped them get where they are.

Invariably, ambitious people who truly want to win have an experienced source of support working with them, bringing out the very best of all their talents, and putting them to use so they can perform to their full potential.

This person, on whom they rely for their ultimate success, is a coach.

Who do I help?

I help people that are determined and committed to help themselves. I help ambitious people that want to be happy and are highly motivated by their own success. People that are willing to invest in the most important person on earth – themselves.

Methodology and tools

I am specialized in the “Solution Focus” coaching approach, resulting from brief therapy, according to Insoo Kim Berg and Steve Shazer, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation and unique in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

This method consists in focusing on your ideal future without worrying about the source of the problem. The past is only used to identify your strengths and positive experiences, allowing you to move towards your goal. You will find your own solution based on your resources and successes.

My coaching uses many tools and methods that allow you to evaluate and see the same situation from a different angle and thus see new solutions. I help you evolve your skills and behaviors, as well as those of your teams. I help you put meaning, confidence, and motivation back into your system. 


Fees are linked to the type of intervention and service required (individual coaching, love coaching, executive coaching, team cohesion, conference, team building etc.).

In order to have precise information, according to your needs, do not hesitate to contact me.

Ask for a coaching session!