A goal is a dream

with a deadline

– Napoleon Hill –


Fix problems in the workplace • find help in making changes • dare to undertake a new activity • go beyond your own imaginings to realise your professional projects • identify talents and strengths •

 increase your performance • find a better professional balance • manage time and priorities better • motivate employees • develop self-confidence • team cohesion

“As a coach, I invite you to explore all possibilities and create a 360° vision before taking any decision. I help you increase the confidence you have in the feasibility of your project and allows you to take the time needed to optimise your thoughts and choices.”

Eva pospisil

Certified in Strategic Intervention and Solution Surfers accredited ICF, Eva supports you towards the transformation of your life…


The pressure on companies is constantly increasing. The economic crisis is forcing executives and senior managers to find quick and effective answers. They must not only maintain the motivation of their teams but also achieve ever-greater goals. Often faced with multiple responsibilities, they sometimes feel alone in their reflections and the many important decisions to make.

However the success of companies depends on the efficiency and performance of their teams as well as their managers.

Coaching helps managers increase their effectiveness and thus improve their contribution to the success of the company.

Step Up Coaching uses the Solution Focus method. Using systemic questions and appropriate tools, it allows a 360° analysis and better understanding of behaviours, actions and communication. This method makes it possible to generate and obtain your own solutions before making any decision.

 This type of coaching is for:

– Directors – Senior executives – Team leaders  


If you want to energise your team by allowing them to develop their talents, if the health of your employees is important to you and you want to implement effective and pragmatic solutions, you are in the right place! 

In the framework of the development, both of the structure and of the staff, the motivation and the cohesion of the teams play a major role.

Step up coaching helps you define values, a common vision favouring collaborative teamwork in good humour in order to maximise the potential of everyone.

We use the method Solution Circle based on the assumption that the team already has all the assets and abilities to master the situation.

The name Solution Circle is based on building a common vision that makes room for a calm, effective and efficient future.

The team has to think about several scenarios in order to create the future in which they wish to evolve. Again, the focus is on the solution rather than on the problem.

Coaching for:

– Teams with their manager


They trust us…


Des tarifs dégressifs pour un accompagnement à long terme

 séance DECOUVERTE/ CHF 90.-

la séance dure 60 min

3 séances

525 CHF

Chf 175.- par séance

  • Une session d’introduction de (30 min offerte)
  • Le package est valable 45 jours à partir de la date de la première séance.
  • Chaque séance dure 60 min

6 séances

972 CHF

Chf 162.- par séance

  • Une session d’introduction de (45 min offerte)
  • Le package est valable 3 mois à partir de la date de la première séance.
  • Chaque séance dure 60 min

10 séances

1500 CHF

Chf 150.- par séance

  • Une session d’introduction de 60 min offerte
  • Valable 5 mois à partir de la date de la première séance.
  • Chaque séance dure 60 min

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 séance  unique/ CHF 190.-

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We must take change by the hand or rest assuredly, 

change will take us by the throat.

– Winston Churchill –


Eva has been coaching me for over a year now and still is. She has helped me overcome a difficult period in my life and coached me into becoming more aware of limiting beliefs and thought patterns about myself and my life. Eva, I hope you will continue to assist me with becoming the best version of myself with your competence, empathy and professionalism!


Eva is a great coach with a heart-felt empathy but also a super strategic approach to coaching and getting you the results you want! She makes you do things and helps you overcome your fear as well as your procrastination habits 🙂 so you can leave them behind and start afresh! She makes you step up to your real true self! Book your appointment now!

You are amazing! Thank you Eva for your experience of life and your sensitivity. You have awakened the best within me. Gratitude for giving me an opportunity to grow and for all what your services have brought me. I surround myself with the best to enable me to grow my activities as well as my well being. Thank you for being part of that.

Eva demonstrates a remarkable sense of listening. She quickly manages to focus on the most important elements and bounces back with an empathic efficiency that touches you. Her mastery of coaching gives you the required energy to move forward.

Problem talk creates problems,

solution talk creates solutions » !

– Steve de Shazer –